15 Best Sites Like Animeepisode (Free and Paid)

In the past few years, anime has become accessible to people outside Japan thanks to all the anime streaming sites. Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Tubi TV and even YouTube have a vast library of all sorts of anime.

Animepisode is also a site popular among fans to watch anime from various genres-romance animedetective animehorror animesamurai animemasterpiece animeaction anime moviessad anime moviesyuri animevampire animewitch animevampire anime girl, and Dragon Anime. Several popular anime in multiple languages are available here.

In this article, we will talk about sites similar to Animepisode where you can watch unblocked anime. 

15 Top Animeepisode Alternative Free


AniWave(formerly 9anime) is a good Animeepisode alternative that you can consider. You can watch all the latest anime for free here. It has a sleek interface and a comprehensive navigation system that will help you quickly find the series that you are looking for. 

AniWave has English dubbed anime available in high quality. It is all organized alphabetically so you can easily sift through and search for the series you want.

Another advantage of AniWave is that it doesn’t take much time to upload new releases. Thus, you can easily catch the latest anime episodes here.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a legal streaming platform where you can watch anime. That too, for free. It is an ad-supported site that has a decent library of anime titles- both new releases and classics. You can watch anime dubbed and subbed in high resolution across all your devices with Tubi TV.

The user interface here is clean and simple and you also have the option of enabling parental controls if you wish to do so. However, note that the availability of anime on Tubi TV can vary from region to region due to geo-locking.

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Crunchyroll is, of course, synonymous with anime these days. It is the platform for anime streaming. Crunchyroll has played a big role in popularizing anime outside of Japan, particularly in the Western world. 

It has licenses for some of the most popular anime series out there and it also provides the audience the latest news about their favorite anime.

On Crunchyroll, you can find anime both with subtitles and with English dubbing. It offers a 14-day free trial after which you have to pay to stream anime on it.

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Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s video streaming platform is another great place to check out anime. You can stream a variety of anime like Vinland Saga, Dororo, Sagrada Reset and Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku in HD quality here. Both subs and dubs are available and you can choose between them as per your preference.

Another advantage of Amazon Prime is that it has descriptors for each anime title and each subsequent episode. You can also use its X-ray feature to check information about the show and its cast while streaming the anime. It saves your watch history so you can easily pick up a series from where you left off.

Access to Prime Video is free with your Amazon Prime membership. Otherwise, you can avail a 1-month free trial to get a feel of the platform.

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You can also watch anime for free on Gogoanime. It is an easy-to-navigate website that provides a fantastic viewing experience.

The latest anime episodes are quickly uploaded here and the titles are organized alphabetically, by popularity and by month and year of release.

Thus, you can easily find the anime you want to watch by using Gogoanime’s filters. It does not have much of an annoying adware like other sites and provides anime in high quality.

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AnimeFreak is a great Animeepisode alternative that you can consider. You can watch several anime movies and series here without having to spend a penny. In fact, you can watch full unblocked anime episodes here without having to sign up on the website.

It may not have the best interface but it is a decent place to watch free anime videos. Plus, you have the option to choose other video sources when one isn’t working.


Hulu may be late to the game but it has been constantly upgrading its anime selection. Nowadays, you can find the latest premium content here. Series from some of the largest and most reputed studios are available on Hulu which makes you spoilt for choice.

You can stream anime on multiple devices with a Hulu subscription and save your watch history to conveniently pick up where from where you left watching. Screen recording is also possible here and you get to have a hassle-free viewing experience.

Hulu offers a one-month free trial beyond which you will be charged if you want to continue watching anime.

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Netflix is a streaming giant with one of the biggest content libraries out there. Of course, it wouldn’t stay behind when it comes to anime. It has a plethora of anime series and movies available some of which are exclusive to the platform.

You can easily toggle between English dubs and the native Japanese audio here and switch off subtitles if you wish to. Netflix has one of the best user interfaces and anime available in high resolution. 

It offers a one-month free trial after which you will be charged for watching anime. Do note that the availability of titles on Netflix may differ from region to region as per licensing terms.

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Chia-Anime is a website like Animeepisode where you can stream thousands of anime. It has a fantastic interface that is easy to navigate by genre. Chia-Anime also goes one step further than other sites and provides access to anime soundtracks as well.

You should definitely check it out if you’re someone who is deeply interested in anime culture. It might have a slow loading speed but has one of the biggest anime series as well as anime soundtrack collections.


If you’re looking for an alternative to Animeepisode, look no further than KickassAnime. It has all the anime shows and movies you can imagine available in high definition upto 1080p.

The series not only have English and Russian subtitles but also have English dubs. This is why KickassAnime is such a popular place to watch anime.

Thus, you can watch the latest anime episodes for free on KickassAnime.


AnimeFrenzy is a site similar to Animeepisode where you can watch good quality anime. Its database is updated almost everyday and rest assured, you will find the newest anime releases here. The website also has some American cartoons in its library too which provides it an edge over other websites.

The titles are properly organized and the interface is also decent. AnimeFrenzy has a “Random” feature with which you can get a random anime suggestion when you’re not sure about what to watch. Apart from that, you can communicate with fans who watched the same series as you on the website.


4Anime is the site to go to for many people when it comes to anime streaming. It is a place with a simple and clean UI that offers several new and old anime shows to the viewers. The website has a huge repository of series and movies in each genre.

4Anime’s navigation system is straightforward and the playback capability is also stable. It mostly has subbed anime with limited dubbed anime available.

Anime Planet

Anime Planet is a fantastic place to explore if you are an anime fan. Here, you can stream anime legally for free and interact with like-minded people. Apart from watching shows and movies, you can also read anime reviews and discuss characters and plot lines with other fans.

Anime Planet is a secure platform to watch anime but do note that some content may be blocked in certain regions due to geo-restrictions.


Animedao is a popular site that is similar to Animeepisode. You can use it to stream completed and on-air anime or read manga and light novels here. It has a Request/Report button with which you can put in a request for a particular series to be added.

On Animedao, you can also keep tabs on upcoming or newly added anime. It has an extensive library of anime movies which are generally quite hard to find.

Where Can I Watch Free Anime in 2023?

Anime is widely available for free on various platforms these days. Apart from paid streaming sites, you can watch anime for free and that too, legally. 

Tubi TV is one such ad-supported platform where you can watch classic and new anime series for free. There are also some anime available on YouTube. Other than that, you can sign up for the free trial of Crunchyroll or Amazon Prime Video to watch anime for free.

There are many good alternatives to Animepisode available where you can watch a variety of anime.

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